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Rossmoyne Historic District Signs

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

If you have been looking forward to seeing the Rossmoyne Historic District Signs marking the neighborhood – they have been installed!  The City installed twelve signs as close to “gateways” to the Historic District as possible.  Next time you are walking or driving the neighborhood look for the signs at or near the following locations:

1)  Ethel/Mountain

2)  Mountain/Royal

3)  Mountain/ La Zanja

4)  Rossmoyne/Hillcroft

5)  Hillcroft/San Pablo

6)  Rosemount/Sinaloa

7)  Mountain/Carmen

8)  Cordova/Del Rey

9)  Stocker/Cordova

10) Dryden/Cordova

11) Glenoaks/Cedar

12) Glenoaks/Ethel


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