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“Ornamental light standards are now being erected in ROSSMOYNE by the owners, the Nibley Investment

This headline from 1926 was one of many announcing state-of-the art improvements to the Rossmoyne subdivision while homes and building sites were being promoted by developer Alex Nibley in the 1920’s. Utilities, including electric street lamps, were considered a luxury at the time, and potential home buyers were encouraged to visit the residential development at night so they could see the lights turned on.

The signature lamp posts of the original Rossmoyne development have remained a part of the neighborhood throughout the years, and thanks to the Glendale Department of Water & Power they will remain with us for years to come. Working in partnership with the City over the past two years, the HOA had a voice in two key areas of preservation of the light standards: the selection of non-glare replacement globes for the lamps which complement the original design, and the replacement of modern-style aluminum in-fill posts with replicas of the original posts.


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